Unique Baby Boys Stud Muffin Valentine's Day Shirt (2t)

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BRAND NEW RELEASE! Our Limited Edition 2019 Valentine's Day Collection!
WHAT KIDS LOVE: Comfort and Valentine's Day! The adorable Valentine's Day theme and the soft Egyptian cotton will make this your favorite Valentine's Day outfit!
EGYPTIAN MANUFACTURED: Egypt has maintained its reputation for high quality textile and garment production since ancient times; and that's exactly what we sought in our manufacturing process. The 95% high quality Egyptian cotton and 5 % stretchy lycra fabric is SUPER soft and comfortable. Premium dye's ensure that your outfit won't fade or run. You won't get any fuss about putting this one on!
STYLE [VALENTINE'S OUTFIT]: This outfit features an adorable Valentine's Day theme that is perfect for this year's festivities!
UNIQUE BABY: Committed to quality and to your satisfaction, Unique Baby has an outfit for every holiday!


Part of our 2019 Limited Edition Valentine's Day Collection; these Valentine's day themed outfits are perfect for this year's Valentine's day or anytime you are feeling hearts! Made in Egypt with high quality Egyptian fabrics, these outfits are made of a soft blend of 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra. Machine Washable. Runs true to size; Compare to US Standard sizing.