Squirrel Products 6 ft. Climbing Rope Ladder for Kids - Swing Set Accessories - Additions & Replacements for Active Outdoor Play Equipment

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Swing set accessories: the climbing rope ladder is one of the classic swing set accessories, a must have! Teach hand-over-hand climbing in the ease and comfort of your own backyard.
Outdoor fun: the climbing rope ladder will bring hours of fun and get your kids outside and being active. Use it to access their tree house. Make it part of a backyard obstacle course. The possibilities are endless.
Durable design: the rope ladder is made of 6 smooth wooden rungs attached with a durrable nylon braided rope for sturdy climbing. Complete with 2 metal rings for easy installation. Install using the heavy duty swing hanger kit by squirrel products.
What's included: 6ft rope ladder with 6 wooden ladder rungs, attaches both at the top and bottom for easy climbing. Safe enough to leave the bottom free hanging to add challenge for the older kids.
Intended use: this product was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment.


6-Foot Rope Ladder

Swing Set Accessories
The rope ladder is a great addition to an existing outdoor play set. The 6-foot rope ladder can be attached to a jungle gym, a swing set, or even to a tree in the backyard. With the ladder's high quality and durable design it will last for years to come.
The climbing ladder features high-quality durable rope along with finely sanded wooden rungs for durability and comfort of climbing. The rope ladder swing set attachment can be attached at both the bottom and the top for additional stability. Install using the Heavy Duty Swing Hanger Kit by Squirrel Products.

Foster Creativity

By adding the Climbing Rope Ladder as one of your next swing set accessories your child can be a pirate on the high seas searching for treasure, pillaging and plundering. Maybe they are on a jungle adventure with the Swiss Family Robinson. How are they going to reach their tree house? The Rope Ladder of course! The possibilities are endless.

Product Support

If you have any installation questions or concerns please contact [email protected] directly. We will be happy to help in any way possible.