Key Chain Rings by Keygoes:chili, Key Chain With Habanero Chili Powder for Home Car Keys Attachment, White

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Material - 100% QUALITY plastic key chain rings (The best Plastic on the market)
Compact Design - Classic, Small and Elegant plastic keychain that has an attractive appearance
Spice Your Food Anywhere - KeyGoes key chain for spicy perfection. A keychain with real flavor!
Satisfaction Guaranteed - When you order today, you're protected by a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the product and world-class customer service!
HABANERO Chile powder inside. Up to 300.000 SHU


KEYGOES:CHILI This is a great gadget for all chili fans and spicy meal lovers. Have your favorite chili with you everywhere!!

-Attractive key chain with a heavy-duty key rings
-White keychain comes with High heat refill - HABANERO chili powder.
-The refill contains enough powder to spice up more than 100 meals on average!
-100% brand new and high-quality keychain
-Lightweight, portable and fashionable key chain, A perfect gift for yourself or your friends and family.

How did we come up with idea for KEYGOES:CHILI keychain?

People often ask what possessed me to create a keychain with chili pepper inside. Well, if the typical lunch menu tasted as good as a home-cooked meal, or if restaurants could be expected to provide condiments like freshly-milled pepper, Parmesan cheese, or a few varieties of fresh or grounded chilis, I wouldn't be here. And since my friends and I all love to burn our tongues with copious amounts of capsaicin, we used to carry ground chilis in small eye drops bottles from the pharmacy. A perfect solution!
But then, a light bulb went off in my head - I needed to make something better, more attractive, and figure out a way so you wouldn't leave your chili behind in the office or forget it in the restaurant after your lunch. I started to Google, sketch out some ideas, brainstorm with friends and the idea of creating a metal keychain with chile powder inside started to materialize. After a year of hard work, plenty of expenses, searching for suppliers, and mastering the world of e-commerce, I've got a product that I love and can stand behind 120%.

Your keys are something you use every single Day. Who wouldn't want their keys to be easier to use and more comfortable to carry?
Whether you are looking for key chain for yourself or a perfect gift, if you demand superior product quality and an affordable price, click "Add to Cart" now!