Special Supplies Therapy Putty for Kids and Adults - Resistive Hand Exercise Stress Relief Therapy Putty Kit, Set of 4 Strengths, Three Ounces of Each Putty

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VALUE: Each of the 4 containers contain 3 ounces of putty to accommodate small to large hand sizes and perfect amount needed for hand strengthening programs
FEATURES: Color-coded therapy putty for easy resistance identification and each color is packaged in individual containers inside a larger screw top container for storage
VERSATILE: Squeeze, pinch, stretch or twist our therapy putty help strengthen hand muscles, improve fine motor skills, and decrease stress
QUALITY: Silicone-based putty is and is unscented, non-toxic and guaranteed to maintain resistance consistency for one year
FUN: Can also be used for play putty for tactile sensory fun and fine motor development


Our high-quality therapy putty comes in 4 reresistances consistent with industry standards! Silicone-based putty is ideal for any rehabilitation program and maintains its consistency, unlike so many putties on the market today. Special Supplies Therapy Putty is guaranteed to maintain its consistency for one year from the date you receive it. Color-coding allows easy resistance identification and 4 levels of resistance allow you great flexibility in rehabilitation solutions. Therapy Putty is unscented and non-toxic. Not made with natural rubber latex. The Personal Therapy Putty Kit contains one 3-oz. container of each of the following putties: Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.