SOCOM Black - Cedar Mill Firearms Pick and Pluck Foam Hard Lockable Pistol Gun Case for Carrying 9mm Handguns & Revolvers Airline TSA Approved Flight Travel Safe non Waterproof +Storage

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TSA & AIRLINE CERTIFIED: We have employed TSA and Private security guards to test and vet our case for current policies regarding the transportation and carry of firearms on aircraft. Our case had been rigorously tested and manufactured to comply with the TSA firearms transportation policy.
CARBON FIBER REINFORCED POLYPROPYLENE: Unlike cheap cases that will crack, chip, and break under stress, our case is engineered for Strength and Durability. Made to flex but not break. This keeps your valuables safe from impact by distributing the pressure over a larger area, deceasing the pressure per square inch (PSI).
12 INCHES * 8INCHES * 3.5INCHES: To fit some of the largest handguns including the Desert Eagle Handguns, and most revolvers under 6 inches. REPLACEBLE FOAM is easy to get and more affordable than our competitors. So if at some time you decide to change your configuration, it is easy and cheap to do.
IP64 RATING KEEPS DUST AND WATER OUT of the case for situations with severe weather, your valuables are protected. Dust, Dirt, Debris, Rain, and Water are no match for this case. Engineered to float, helps you recover your valuables in case the unthinkable happens, and limits your moisture absorption from full submersion.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our case is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and your satisfaction is our priority. We often offer quantity discounts for purchases of more than 1. Add them to your car to see what discounts are available.


From the plains to the peaks, from the airport to the ship, and from the snow to the desert. Our case has you covered. Made with corrosion proof stainless steel and TSU-19 Resin, our case is ready to go wherever you want to take it. The virtually indestructible design comes with our lifetime guarantee, and our unique foam is customizable to every need you could have. Our unique stackable design allows for tight packing, sturdy stacks, and is perfect for deployment, travel, moving, and storage.