Managing Workplace Negativity

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The symptoms: increased customer complaints, high turnover, low quality of work, increased absences, loss of morale and motivation, lack of creativity and innovation, loss of loyalty to the organization. The diagnosis: workplace negativity. The cure: MANAGING WORKPLACE NEGATIVITY.

Workplace negativity may seem like an intangible problem--but it has very tangible consequences for the companies it afflicts. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that U.S. companies lose $3 billion a year to the effects of negative attitudes and behaviors at work.

MANAGING WORKPLACE NEGATIVITY gives managers, team leaders, trainers, and other human resources professionals much-needed help in treating the negativity bug. It will help readers:

* Identify the 14 types of negative individuals, from the "not-my-jobber" to the "rumor monger" * Confront their own negativity * Recognize negativity "trigger points" * Overcome entrenched, ongoing negativity * Deal with group or company-wide negativity problems * Create a positive environment that enhances morale and productivity.