Turkey Injector Kit, Ofargo 1-oz Plastic Meat Injector Syringe,Food-Grade Marinade Injector,Dishwasher Safe (1 Stainless Steel Meat Needle+2 O-rings+1 Cleaning Brush) for Turkey Smoked BBQ Grill Roast

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100% Food-Grade Safe & Healthy Kitchen Toolall components are 100% food-grade safe: 304 stainless steel for meat marinade needle and plunger rod; eco-friendly plastic materials for syringe barrel, handles and pump plate; BPA-free and FDA-compliant silicone for seals; keep your family safe and healthy
Lightweight, Compact Package, Portable for Partysuper lightweight (0.13lbs/60g=an egg) turkey injector syringe kit; ultra compact package (Slide Card), easy to put into your backpack/storage bag; all in one portable package, easy to carry for party activities: indoors cooking, holiday dinners, baking, toasting, roasting, and outdoors BBQ, bonfire smoked grill
Juicy, Tender & Yummy for Every Biteour food injector is solidly built to last to intensify flavors of Thanksgiving / Christmas turkey, steak, brisket, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, goose, duck; inject seasoning like garlic/honey butter, red wine/rum, buffalo sauce, even jelly/pudding, strawberries, brine into home-cured meats; practical for kitchen tools
Easy to One-Hand Use & Dishwasher Safeergonomically designed for one-hand injecting handles; graduated injection chamber: 1-oz/30ml capacity measurement markings in ml and oz up the side; 3" sturdy seasoning injector needle with hole for deep penetration and perfect sauce distribution with liquid brine/marinades; easy clean for meat needle with the small cleaning brush
Kindly Remindersremove the tiny plastic protection tip that covers the syringe needle before use; seasoning herbs should be grounded up to be quite smaller than needle hole; this 1-oz plastic injector is designed for temporary uses, and our 2-oz stainless steel version is recommended if you want heavy duty one for many years as your long-term kitchen tool


Plastic Meat Injector:
A 100% food-grade, super lightweight compact-packaged kitchen tool, portable to carry for indoor and outdoor cook, bake, roast, BBQ and grill, dishwasher safe-Stay safe and healthy.

Portable Cooking/BBQ/Gill Gadget
60g weight, equals to an egg; compact Slide-Card package, a little bigger than iphone X; such a portable seasoning injector kit to slip into your backpack pocket/bag to carry or kitchen container/cabinet to store.

Shorter Cooking Preparation
Marinade injection for multiple meats and poultry shortens food ingredient preparation for upcoming party dinner, BBQ or grill to add flavors.

Sturdy Meat Needle
Turkey injector needle is solid, designed for avoiding clogged, weak suction, bottom leak, rust or broken; ultra-sharp to pierce the toughest cuts of meats or poultry.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort
Easy to use by one-hand. Ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip and friendly pressure control experience. Dual measurement markings in ml and oz up the side for 1-OZ/30ml capacity syringe.

What You Get
1-oz capacity flavor injector
1 stainless steel turkey needle
2 spare silicone O-rings
1 cleaning brush
1 free recipe e-book

Worry-Free Warranty
At Ofargo, we believe in our products. That is why we can guarantee a 100% Unconditional Return Policy. Our friendly customer service team are at your disposed.

* Marinade needles are pretty sharp! KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!
* Remove the tiny plastic protection tip that covers the needle before use.
* Seasoning herbs should be grounded up to be quite smaller than needle hole.