Chefmaster Double Sided Food Coloring Markers, Food Grade Markers and Pens, Edible Ink for Decorating Cakes, Cookies, Frosting, Fondant, Easter Eggs, Fine Tip and Thick Tip, 10 Colors

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Double sided for complete versatility! Use the wide tip to color and shade your decorations
Use the fine tip on the other side to make letters, writing, and intricate details on baked treats!
Works like a regular pen / marker to decorate icing, fondant, cookies, gum paste, frosting, & more!
Comes with 10 gorgeous & vibrant edible ink colors to take your food decorating to the next level
Produced by the largest and most trusted USA manufacturer of food coloring in North America, Chefmaster


At California Home Goods, the only thing we love more than a delicious baked treat is a beautifully delicious baked treat! That's why we've partnered with Chefmaster - the largest food coloring manufacturer in America - to formulate what we believe to be the most beautiful and vibrant food coloring pens available.

Each food coloring pen comes double sided for maximum versatility. Use the wide tip to color and shade your decorations, creating deep and beautiful hues. Use the other side of the pen for it's fine tip to flesh out intricate details, like producing fine lines and writing.

For long term storage, simply wipe pen tips clean after using. Carefully replace the cap and store in a cool dry place for future reuse.