Bonsai Tree Pot 6 Inch Bonsai Pots with Trays - 3 Pack From Bonsaioutlet

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Extremely economical and reusable. Drainage mesh built into pot - small holes prevent soil falling through holes.
Great starter pots. Perfect for Bonsai in training or any other plant.
Heavy duty poly-resin plastic. Will not shatter or crack if you drop it.
Will retain color through rain, snow, and sun. Does not fade like other plastic pots.
Direct from, the Internet's largest Bonsai retailer, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


This is a 3-pack of 6-inch classic deep brown Bonsai pots with trays.These pots are durable made with heavy duty poly-resin with a slightly matted finish. They are shatter resistant and made from a high-quality plastic that makes it almost impossible for cracks to occur. These pots will not break or crack under extreme temperatures. They have an ability to be stacked to make moving quick and easy. These pots have a built-in mesh to catch any bonsai soil that tries to fall through the drainage holes. These Bonsai pots and trays will retain their color and durability through rain, snow or sun for years to come. These Bonsai pots and trays are extremely economical. These Bonsai pots and trays are the biggest selling color and style of Bonsai pots in the world. Measurements are: 6 x 4 x 2 1/2 inches.