Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Decorative Planter for Dwarf Trees, Succulents, Small Plants - Blue Rectangular Container Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, Table Centerpieces, and Windowsill Decor

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ENHANCES TREE APPEARANCE & HEALTH - Just like a frame makes a painting, our glazed bonsai pot makes your plant. This clay dish ornament is also shaped to provide a suitable environment for growth.
STRONG & STABLE - Ready to shape and style your miniature tree? Our ceramic bonsai planter provides a firm and solid base, making it easy for you to refine techniques like pruning and wiring.
JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - With dimensions of 6 x 4 x 2 7/8 inches, our green oval pot is just right for a bonsai, whether feminine or masculine, to showcase its trunk, branches and foliage.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Are you keen on keeping your bonsai plants indoors? Or would you like to grow it outside? Either way, our pot is easy to carry around and place anywhere you desire.
ELEGANT & POLISHED - Planters and miniature trees go hand in hand. If you intend to showcase your mini plant at home or in the office, this classy decorative pot makes it ready for display.


FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT POT FOR YOUR BONSAI TREE? Anyone who wants to be an expert bonsai gardener knows that pots play a crucial role in attaining the best aesthetic look for a bonsai tree. But with so many guidelines in choosing one-from the size to the shape and from the color to the material-it can be overwhelming. Now, you're worried you might choose an unsuitable design that can lessen the impact of your tree. So how do you avoid ending up with a pile of pots that don't suit your bonsai? Our Bonsai Pot reflects the masculinity or femininity of your bonsai tree so it reaches its full potential.