2 Packs Square Three Ladies Rice Paper Wrappers (22cm)

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Square Size: 22 CM (make straight edge, neat open ended rolls. Can also create close ends for deep fry...use like eggroll skin).
Machine Made and Dry. Clean Production.
Each pack is 12 oz. You get 3 packs 24 oz , over 60 counts
Great for Low Carb Diet. Easy to Use. Just wet and Use.
Serving per 2 packs :10 , Per Serving :238 calories, calories from fat :0 , Cholesterol: 0%, Sodium:4%, Dietary Fiber: 4%, sugar:1%, Iron:4%


Preparation for fresh spring rolls: Soften rice paper by quick evenly dipping in cold or warm water for 2-3 seconds. Lay flat on a plate and is ready for wrapping your favorite stuffs...like vegetables, herbs, meat, shrimp, rice stick noodle...etc. For better taste, eat with some dipping sauce (Mixed fish sauce or hoisin sauce). The rice paper can be use like eggroll wrapper to make fried spring roll also. Ingredients: rice flour, tapioca starch, water & salt.