Vending Machine Locks KEYED Alike (Pack of 1)

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Fits most T handle locks - perfect vending lock replacement plug lock
Tubular key that is key retaining for security
All locks in same order will be keyed the same - all keys will work with all locks in same order
This lock works with most machines with t-handle locks (Dixie, Narco Vendo National Rowe USI, Coke, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and more)


Each Vending Machine Lock (vending plug lock) comes with 2 keys. All locks in the same order are keyed the same. Every key will fit every lock in the order. You will receive 1 vending plug locks and 2 keys that fit any of the tubular plug locks. Keys are retaining, they stay in the lock when unlocked These locks are made of Zinc Alloy with chrome finish. They will fit most vending machines with T handles. If you need new vending lock for Coke, Pepsi, Combo beverage/snack vending machines, these locks are perfect. This vending plug lock works on most vending machines for Dixie, Narco, Vendo, National, Rowe, AP, USI.