Unfinished Wood Circle - 10-Pack Round Natural Rustic Wooden Cutout for Home Decoration, DIY Craft Supplies, 8-inch Diameter, 0.1 inch Thick

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NATURAL WOOD: These wooden circles make a great unique craft product for anything you can imagine.
MULTIPLE USES: Use for drawing on, or as a base for a centerpiece or decoration.
PARTY TIME: Use wooden circles at baby showers and wedding showers to let guests make you a special keepsake.
EASY TO DISPLAY: Show off your wood circle art by propping it up against a wall or shelf.
DIMENSIONS: Each of the 10 circles has a diameter of 8 inches and is 0.1 inches thick.


If you're looking for a new craft supply to inspire creativity, look no further than this 10 pack of wooden circles. You can use them in all sorts of ways like drawing on them, pasting things on them or painting them. They are fun to give out at a baby shower to let people draw a special message on them that will be a keepsake forever.