LotFancy 24V Control Module with 7 Connectors for Razor E150 (v1+), E175 (V18+),E100(V10+), E125 (V10+), eSpark(V41+), Trikke E2(V1+) Models, Replace PN: ZK2400-DP-LD-ROHS, W13111612164

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Replacement 24V controller with 4 pin throttle connector
For Razor E100(Versions 10+), E125 (Versions 10+), E150 (version 1+) and E175 (version 18+) eSpark(version 41+), Trikke E2(versions 1+) electric scooters.
Replace Razor part #: W13111612164, Model No: ZK2400-DP-LD-ROHS7, ZK2400-DP-FS-ROHS7
The E100 series Razor scooter is a PUSH START scooter. You need to push the scooter, twist the throttle and then the motor will engage
1-Year Warranty - Money-back satisfaction guarantee


7 connectors, 5 plastic connectors & 2 metal connectors
Fits the following Raor models: E100(versions 10 and up), E125(versions 10 and up), E150(versions 1 and up),E175(versions 19 and up), eSpark(versions 41 and up), Trikke E2(versions 1 and up)
Replace Razor Part #:W13111612164. Model No: ZK2400-DP-LD-ROHS7, ZK2400-DP-FS-ROHS7

Note: Model versions can be determined based on the 8-digit product ID code on your Razor product, can be found on the rectangular white sticker on the handlebar stem, side of the scooter deck, underneath the scooter, on the original battery charger, battery cover or on the bottom of the frame, on the cardboard box in which your scooter came.The last two digits are the version number (e.g. "01"=version 1, "02"=version 2, etc.)

Package includes
1 x Control module