Control Module for Razor Ground Force Go Kart(V13+),Razor Ground Force Drifter(V3+),Razor Dune Buggy(V12+),Razor Crazy Cart(Versions1-4),Part Number: W25143400015,Model: HB2430-TYD6K-FS-ROHS

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Razor controller with 7 connectors, 6-pin female style throttle plug works with 6-Pin throttles
Razor Part Number: W25143400015
Controller Model Number: HB2430-TYD6K-FS-ROHS
Scooter model versions can be determined based on your 8-digit product ID code.
1-Year Warranty, Money-back satisfaction guarantee


Works with the following Razor models:
Razor Ground Force Go Kart(V13+),
Razor Ground Force Drifter(V3+),
Razor Dune Buggy(V12+),
Razor Crazy Cart(Versions1-4)

Razor Part Number: W25143501164 Controller: Model #: HB2430-TYD6K-FS-ROHS

Note: Model versions can be determined based on the product ID code on your Razor product. It is a barcode sticker that looks like the image to the left and is typically located on the bottom of the scooter, the steering tube, the battery charger, or on the original box it came in. The 7th and 8th numbers usually between the dashes in your product ID code are the version number of your Razor product. For example, "01" = Version 1, "09" = Version 9, "33" = Version 33, etc.

Package includes
1 x Control Module