BASTION Minimalist Tactical Kydex Trigger Guard Holster with Paracord for Glock Models

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Fits 9mm .40 and .357 Glocks
Minimalist Inside-Waistband holster (IWB) and Trigger Guard
Made from durable Kydex material; crafted by Bastion
Size: 3L x 2W x 1H
Includes 9 inch black heavy-duty Paracord


Minimal, lightweight, and streamlined fit. Snaps onto frame and does not interfere with finger placement while drawing. Snug fit provides the right amount of tension to keep holster in place but still allows easy access when necessary. Included paracord allows attaching to objects like a belt loop, when pistol is drawn the holster snaps away. Bastion trigger guard holster allows safe conceal carry on and off body. Perfect for fanny pack, purse, backpack anywhere conceal carry is your primary goal.