Fillerina Replenishing Treatment Grade 1

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First dermo-cosmetic plumping gel for at-home use. Fills and plumps without injections.


Fillerina treatment for at-home use is a topical cosmetic preparation to be used for 14 days. The key action is performed by Fillerina gel which is applied using a special applicator with a truncated tip on areas with depressions such as age wrinkles and expression furrows and on those specific areas that require plumping, (cheekbones, lips). The formulation of Fillerina gel associates 6 different types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and structures, which have a dermo-cosmetic filling action on the various skin layers. The active ingredient matryxil promotes rebuilding the skin tissues and the reconstruction of the natural filling substances for a gradual and progressive plumping effect. Complete the application with the nourishing film to ensure that the skin benefits and gets nourishment thanks to a combination of the moisturizing and revitalizing ingredients. Fillerina dermo cosmetic replenishing treatment grade 1 is for initial wrinkles and initial loss of volume in cheekbones and lips. Results last up to 3-4 months. Fillerina grade 1 treatment is for initial expression lines and subtle loss of volume in the cheekbones and lips. Containing a unique blend of six hyaluronic acids that plump up the skin naturally, this incredible age-defying beauty molecule tackles the areas that require a gentle boost of hydration.