ABN 10 Foot 30 Amp STW 125Volt 3 Prong Generator/Industrial Locking Extension Cord

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Extension Cord; Volts: 125V NEMA configuration (L5-30) with water tight ends
Outdoor Use: Cord can handle temps as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and is heat resistant up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, still remains flexible
Max Power: Rated to have a max power of 3750W
Length: 10 feet of length that gives you that extra reach while staying flexible even in cold temps
Gauge: This cord is durable and uses 10 Gauge thickness featuring 3 grounding wire construction "10/3"


ABN 10 foot 30 amp 125 volt extension cord is a must have for everyone who may need a little extra reach when they are camping or RVing around the country. Constructed with a 10 gauge cord means it has extra durability but will still stay flexible in hot and cold conditions. This cord can be used in almost any type of weather. Features a 3 grounding wire construction which means you will have a great connection. This water tight cord is perfect for connecting a transfer switch and generator with only one cord. Provides a power connection between a generator and an outdoor power box or a transfer switch or panel. Use only with a generator plug, do not use in a 30A inlet. Using this product in a 30A inlet could result in fire.