Kiraly Products, LLC Moving Straps; Carry Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, or any Heavy Object Safely and Easily; Move like the Pros with 2 Person Shoulder and Padded Forearm Straps for Lifting

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Includes two shoulder harnesses with carrying straps for lifting and moving heavy objects safely.
Carrying straps are padded with multi-function forearm lifting capabilities for those awkward, no handle, objects.
No more denting your walls and furniture! Free your hands for opening doors, grasping railings, and balancing your load.
Straps made from high quality woven polymer using a pit grain weave for superior strength. Metal buckle made of solid iron and plated for maximum load capacity.
Max Load 440 Pounds. Please refer to our compiled list of common household furniture and appliances and their average weights (see product images on listing page).


Experience firsthand how using Kirly Moving Straps can help significantly reduce your moving stress and allow you to safely carry heavy loads! Mattresses without handles, awkward furniture, and heavy appliances are now simple and safe for 2 people to lift. The buckles are made of solid iron and the easily adjustable straps have a complex weave which allows for maximum lifting capacity of up to 440 pounds (if you can lift more than that why are you buying moving straps?!).

Refer to our complimentary weight chart of common household items in the images section (you didn't know that the statue of David was a common household item, did you?). If you're too lazy to bother with the shoulder straps or if it just seems to be a little overkill for the job at hand, you can utilize the padded forearm straps and quickly and easily move most items. Having access to both of your hands to open doors or to help stabilize the object can make a HUGE difference in your move.

Last of all, we know how disorganized your spouse and kids are (it's not you!). You would use the straps once and maybe never find them again. We've thought of that. You will never have to worry about misplacing your Kirly Moving straps because they come in a high-quality drawstring bag, perfect for organization. You can use them over and over again. Enjoy your Kirly Moving straps! Warning: Remember that you are still moving heavy items and caution is advised. Please do not attempt to move items that create undue strain on your back. Kirly Moving Straps help you leverage your natural strength but do not turn you into the Hulk!