Aoneky Soccer Backstop Net, Sports Practice Barrier Net, Soccer Ball Hitting Netting, Soccer High Impact Net, Heavey Duty Soccer Containment Net, 10 x 20 Ft / 10 x 30 Ft / 10 x 40 Ft (10 x 20 ft)

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4" square mesh, 2.5 mm polyethylene cord
Reinforced with a 1/4" rope border along perimeter
Twisted knotted mesh construction, rugged durability and premium quality
Weather treated, last 3-5 years left outdoors
Works great as a barrier for backyard or outdoors


Aoneky Soccer Backstop Net

Aoneky Soccer Backstop/Barrier Net is roughly 2.5mm in thickness and is commonly used behind soccer goal nets or around fields to keep balls within the fields or backyards. All nets are weather treated. These nets are made to withstand the weather and will last 3-5 years left outdoors.