Gerber Baby Cereal Assorted Flavor Variety Pack: Oatmeal & Peach Apple Cereal, Rice & Banana Apple Cereal, Oatmeal & Banana Cereal, Hearty Bits MultiGrain Banana Apple Strawberry Cereal. Bundle of 4- 8oz Containers

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Oatmeal & Peach Apple Cereal - 8 oz
Rice & Banana Apple Cereal - 8 oz
Oatmeal & Banana Cereal - 8 oz
MultiGrain & Apple Sweet Potato Cereal - 8 oz
Easy Pour Spout, Great Gift


As babies begin the solid food journey, Gerber cereals with DHA are a great way to continue providing this important omega 3 fatty acid. DHA, naturally found in breast milk and many infant formulas, helps support brain and eye development. Gerber Cereals with DHA are made with natural grains, contain 18 milligram of DHA per serving and have all the great nutrition of other Gerber cereals (including iron, zinc and 6 B vitamins).