Cute Custom Photo Valentine's Bear Gift: 8 Inch Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

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Custom made and printed on demand when ordered
Note: the t-shirt design is small and will print about 2.50 inches wide. The bear sits at roughly 8 inches tall.
Super soft fur. Soft embroidered eyes and nose.
Mini t-shirt is removable
Note: the design on this shirt is prety small! It will be roughly 2.5 inches wide. Choose a great photo that is easy to read at that size. Ideally the photo has big, bold elements. Some detail and intricacies in the image will be lost when shrunk down to 2.5 inches. Despite the small image, it's an amazing gift for your romantic partner, especially around Valentine's Day. It's totally unique and personalized!


BEST SELLER! I mean, who could say "No" to that face? This cute Small Teddy Bear sits at average 8 inches tall and has soft, embroidered eyes, nose and feet and is great for giving little bear hugs.