Traxxas 8544A/R/X UDR Unlimited Desert Racer Aluminum Trailing Arms (2) Assembled with Hollow Balls (Dark Titanium Anodized)

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Official Traxxas Hop Up
Designed for the Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer
Fully Assembled, Just Bolt On!
TRA8544A, TRA8544R, TRA8544X
Comes in three colors to choose from!


Add Extreme Durability and looks to your Pro Scale Traxxas UDR Desert Racer with the official Traxxas Aluminum Anodized Trailing Arms! These replace the plastic trailing arms that come stock on the car, ready to just bolt on! Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Aluminum Rear Trailing Arms. Features: Strengthens and stiffens rear suspension. CNC machined aluminum lower links. Replaces stock plastic links for extreme durability Replaces Lower Trailing Arm for Unlimited Desert Racer Fits Traxxas 1/7 Unlimited Desert Racer