RADICALn 15 Inches Large Handmade White and Green Onyx Weighted Full Chess Game Set Staunton and Ambassador Gift Style Marble Tournament Chess Sets for Adults -Non Wooden -Non Magnetic -Not backgammon

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Since this item is fragile due to its natural feature and being handmade, therefore we allow 30 days guarantee to our customers to contact us for any replacement(s).
Hand Carved Green and White Marble Chess Set. Full Chess Set Weighs approx 22 lbs.
Beautiful 16 Inches Handcrafted Onyx and Marble Chess Board. Comes with safe and Fragile Packaging and also Comes with Free Storage Box.
Radicaln Offers Unique Stone Gifts, Marble Accents & Onyx Home Decor.
Our Handcrafted Stone, Onyx and Marble Chess Board Sets Offered in Several Sizes.


This attractive white and onyx green marble chess set and board is sure to be the centerpiece of you game table and could also be a decorative item for your living room. The elegantly carved marble is sanded perfectly smooth and has a deep and attractive appearance. This same product is also available in different sizes and colors, kindly contact us we can provide information for other colors. Handcrafted Giant onyx beauty brought into life - Feel the royal and ambassador style, an imperial enigma, this chess set brings out the finesse of luxury and opulence that can't be ignored. Protective packing - Comes in a Safe and Fragile Secured Packaging. Keeps them safe and well protected against collisions with other pieces while on the move. Great to play, delightful to admire - It unveils the real adventure and spot on excitement of the chess game for the players and delights the onlookers with its regal charm and exquisiteness. It can be played by both kids adults men and women. Quality redefined - The intricacy of artwork and superiority of design is evident in the enticing figurine pieces of marble and coral, and the smooth finish of the chess board complements them all. Bring home a chess set that is stunningly beautiful and has power to captivate the onlookers. It can also be used as Travel chess set but the weight would be very difficult to carry. It would make it further complete if it can be played with proper rules by adding chess clock digital timer. 3.5-Inch HEIGHT OF KING - Board size : 16in L X 16in W - Magnificence reinstated - The handcrafted chess pieces are strikingly attractive and bring out the majestic charm with their elaborately sized figurines. The king measures a stately 3.5 inches. You can find alot of chess sets online for e.g harry porter , dc , star wars or lego chess sets but this is one of the modern and portable chess sets available.