(3 Pack) PET Sheet Panels - 24'' x 36'' x 0.03 Plexiglass-Quality Lightweight and Shatterproof Glass Alternative Perfect for DIY Sneeze Guards, Face Shields, Railing Guards, and Pet Barriers

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Crystal Clear Polystyrene Plastic Sheets: This superior clear PET resembles acrylic in clarity and multi-purpose uses! Its wonderful for craft projects, greenhouse, playhouse, poster frames and warehouse or office design needs.
Shatterproof Clear Sheets: Safe PET panels wont shatter into shards, as its an unbreakable and lightweight substitute for glasses. So, its a great product for displaying photos in a young childs room or babys nursery.
Protect Art and Photographs: Slip our 24x36 inches (61x91.4cm) - 0.03" (0.8mm) sheet into your poster frames to protect treasured photos, prints and artwork! Its the perfect thickness to offer protection, while still fitting perfectly between the photo and frame.
Perfect Medium for the Cricut Engraving: Insert into your Cricut and let it zip away the excess, leaving you a clear cutout of your design! So great for crafting and schoolwork!
Cut Sharp and Clean Edges: Using a utility knife with a new blade, youll quickly master fine cuts and markings to make your project extra-special!