100X Ear Thermometer Covers Lens Filters Refill Caps for All Braun ThermoScan Models, Disposable for Braun Thermoscan

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Compatible For all Digital Ear Thermometer Models: The ear thermometer covers comportable for all ear thermometers including IRT 6520, IRT6020, IRT6500, IRT3030, IRT3020, IRT4020, IRT4520 and so on.
Great Material: The ear thermometer probe covers are disposable and recyclable, 0% BPA and 0% latex.You can feel safe to use our probe covers.
Highly Accurate:The covers can protect the lenses of the thermometer from scratches and impurities. The damage of lens may lead to affect the accuracy of temperature measurement.
100% Hygienic: The disposable lens filters are made in high standard of sanitary conditions. For avoiding the cross-contamination between different users, the ear thermometer probe cover must be replaced after each use.
100% Satisfication: If you have any further questions about our ear thermometer lens filters, Contact us anytime. Our service team will offer you the best solution.