100 Counts Ear Thermometer Probe Covers/Refill Caps/Lens Filters for All Braun ThermoScan Models Thermometers Disposable Covers

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Compatible For all Braun ThermoScan Models: The ear thermometer covers are compatible for all Braun thermoscan models including ExactempThermoscan 7 IRT 6520, IRT6020, IRT6500, Braun Thermoscan 3 IRT3030, IRT3020, IRT4020, IRT4520 and so on.
RELIABLE & ACCURATE: These lens filters cover the tip of the ThermoScan ear thermometers
These disposable caps make it easy when multiple family members are running a fever. Tympanic thermometers are a great way to check for fevers in children & adults
Great Material: Our ear thermometer covers are 0% BPA, 0% latex.
We have registered a patent for this product in 2019, Patent No.: US D887,871 S Those who have not obtained the patent license are not allowed to sell. We regularly entrust lawyers to investigate.If you need to sell, please contact us for authorization