tellmeGen Advanced DNA Test Kit | Health, Ancestry, Traits & Fitness | 400+ Online Reports | No Extra Fees

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7 DNA TESTS IN 1: tellmeGen is the DNA test that informs you about your genetic predisposition to more than 400 reports related to your health, ancestry, traits, sports and diet. Your results will be ready in 4-6 weeks.
HEALTH, ANCESTRY AND TRAITS SERVICE: You will be able to know your predisposition to more than 140 complex and hereditary diseases, discover your ancestors and origins and find genetic relatives and family.
+400 LIFETIME UPDATED REPORTS: The tellmeGen DNA test analysis is regularly updated free of charge. In addition, you can ask our doctors and genetic experts any questions you may have.
PERSONALIZED GENETIC REPORTS: Knowing your genetic information is very useful. With your DNA test kit you can adapt your lifestyle, diets or fitness habits according to your results.
PRIVATE AND PROTECTED: tellmeGen personal genetic test is endorsed by official organizations. Guaranteed reliability with encripted data. Find out what your DNA could say about you with just a saliva sample and from home.