HEAROS Nanos NRR 28 Noise Cancelling Foam Ear Plugs - Extra Small Hearing Protection for Petite Ears - Ideal for Sleeping snoring Travel Concerts Sports Events and Shooting (25 Pairs)

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PETITE EARS need protection from loud noise, too. HEAROS Nanos Extra Small Slim Fit Ear Plugs fit comfortably and securely in diminutive ear canals to reduce blaring noises such as lawn mowers and music. A popular choice of earplug for women children and teenagers.
THOUGHTFULLY SIZED for extra small ear canals, these roll-down foam plugs expand for a custom fit that is soft and comfortable for long-term use. Their tacky texture helps secure them in your ears during rigorous activities. The super comfortable foam make them ideal sleeping earplugs.
NRR 28 CERTIFIED noise reducing ear plugs protect tiny ears from sounds up to 28 decibels. Diminish sounds of intrusive snorers, droning office machinery or your teen's garage band while still being able to hear.
HYGIENIC AND REUSABLE closed-cell foam skin makes HEAROS Nanos impervious to dirt and oils. Their safety-orange color lets you easily spot-check youngsters to ensure that they're protected from hearing loss.
MADE IN THE USA under stringent quality control protocols for reliable noise reduction. Each box contains 25 pairs of reusable ear plugs. Pass them out for school field trips, fireworks displays or daily exposure to traffic noise.


Petite ears need protection, too

At HEAROS, we recognize that all ear canals are not the same. Regular foam ear plugs can be uncomfortable to wear and difficult to even keep in the ears, making you less apt to use them and more susceptible to hearing loss. We designed HEAROS Nanos Extra Small Ear Plugs to deliver all the noise-absorbing capabilities of full-size ear plugs, but in a more compact and reliable size. Small ears can now enjoy the same melodious musicals or block-out intrusive environmental noises to safeguard your sense of hearing. Sound blocking design make them the best ear plugs for sleeping for people with smaller ear canals and are also suitable kids ear plugs.

Superior hearing protection for diminutive ears

HEAROS Nanos have all the same outstanding qualities of our full-size ear plugs, but in a smaller profile. Their silky-soft skin makes them suitable for long-term wear, even in sensitive ears. They roll down easily, insert in the ear canal, and conform to the smaller ear canals for sure, reliable fit. With their NRR 28 rating, they'll help you retain your razor-sharp hearing despite noise from road repair equipment, boisterous sports fans and that snoring spouse sawing logs just inches from your head.

Sports enthusiasts will find these great ear plugs for shooting and protecting yours and your childrens ears at loud events such as motorsport, football and hockey games, without losing the magical atmosphere of live events.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority

HEAROS Ear Plugs are made in the USA under rigorous quality controls for your peace of mind. Carry them with confidence in a pocket, purse or gear bag for reliable hearing protection wherever loud noises are present. With Amazon's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you are assured that your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Defend dainty ears from deafening environments. Add HEAROS Nanos to your cart today.