iPrimio XL Cat Litter Sifter with Deep Shovel Patented Silver Poop Scooper with Solid Handle Made up of Non Stick Plated, Solid Aluminum

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PATENTED LITTER SIFTER - Owning a cat is fun and rewarding and we just made caring for your cat much easier. Use our Highest Rated SIFTER with Highest Rated DEEP SHOVEL. SIFTER Spacing is Perfect -- lets only clean litter through (narrower), as it is curated by cat owners.
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - the handle will make gripping easy! ergonimcally designed to form around your hand and wrist to make even the largest scoops easy to handle without putting strain on the hand and wrist!
MADE UP OF PREMIUM MATERIAL - Solid Cast Aluminum that is NON-STICK PLATED. Reinforced Front Edge. Has a wide front edge to Clean Deep Corners.
TESTED AND PROVEN QUALITY - Use our highest rated sifter with our highest rated shovel with this cat litter scooper! Designed and tested by cat owners that wanted to make a superior cat litter scooper.
REGISTERED BRAND - IPRIMIO is a registered brand on Amazon; We are the hardworking and customer-oriented that always considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, just let us know, and we will help.