Pawfly 1.3 Inch Aquarium Heater Suction Cups Suckers with 0.95 Inch Clips Black Standard Heating Rod Holders Clamps for Fish Tanks (Not for Airline Tubing), 12 Pack

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For Standard Heaters: Each sucker is 1.3" in diameter with a 0.95" clip. Perfect for holding 1" standard aquarium heaters, PVC tubing or rain bars. Not Fit For Airline/Air Tubing!
Strong Suction: Made of soft and flexible rubber material, the suction cups can stick tightly to your fish tank, aquarium or other glass surface for stable holding.
Tough Plastic Clips: Each suction cup comes with a clip made of heavy duty plastic. Sturdy enough to firmly keep your aquarium heater in place.
Detachable Design: Align the clip slot with the bulge of the sucker, snap it into the slot and turn it 90 to lock them. Then rotate the clip back and pull it out to remove it from the sucker base.
Easy Maintenance: Just clean and dry both suction cups and glass surface before installation. Please replace them timely if they get old and worn after long-time use.