MediCrystal Far Infrared Professional Amethyst Mat 71"L x 32"W - Natural Crystals - Adjustable 86-158F (30-70C) FIR Heating Pad - Hot Stone Therapy - Negative Ions - Original Manufacturer

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The main feature of the MediCrystal Mat 16-18 layers system is the thick layer with thousands Untreated, Unpainted, 100% Natural Purple Amethyst crystals. Far Infrared Professional Mat contains 19.5 pounds of 2-7 mm tumbled Amethyst gems of Brazil origin. It emits Negative ions and Far-infrared deep penetration heat. The set includes PRO Mat, controller, protection cover pad, carry and storage handbag and user guide. This Amethyst bed is excellent for sleeping on the lowest temperature levels.
Amethyst Crystals Isolate & Concentrate Healing Infrared Rays in the most Absorbable wavelength range 4-16 m to go up to 8 inches deep into the tissues. Mat reveals crystals' powers & brings Vital Natural Forces of Fresh Air, Mountains, Waterfalls, Sun Warmth & Ocean Beaches in your Home Just in the Middle of Modern Civilization. It can become an important part of your healthy & active lifestyle no matter how old you are. The Professional mat is enough long and wide for the whole body.
The mat protects from harmful electromagnetic fields. It conducts anions directly to the body to alkalize and restore the natural electrical field of organs and cells. It helps to create calming setting to relieve stress, tiredness and fatigue, relax and revitalize. The mat provides professional results at home in natural way without medicines side effects. Using this mat at higher temperatures for longer periods of time can reverse hypothermia and restore an optimal body temperature & strength
Hot stone FIR sessions provide soothing environment helpful to detoxify body, maintain immune system, metabolism, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. Use your mat as a part of exercises and healthy routine for a comfortable setting to manage an occasional sleeplessness, improve absentmindedness, and have a good all night restful & regenerating sleeping helpful to maintain healthy heart, inspired and invigorated mind, "ever young feeling
The Mat features EMF-FREE (< 2mG) heating system with overheat protection & a NEW digital controller to set & maintain 86-158F (30-70C) heating temperature & session TIME. The power input is 110-120V/60 Hz, 250wt. The PRO mat is 71x31 inches with the FIR heating area 58x31 inches. The total weight is 26 pounds. The surface is luxurious artificial suede wavy tubes infused with crystals from edge to edge & a heat resistant triangle PU film showing crystals