Charmed Far Infrared Heating Pad: Mini Mat with Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy (20" X 31") Adjustable Temp Settings, 110Volt, Flexible, Order Now!

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[Far Infrared Heating Pads for Back Pain Relief] is simply not comparable to a common electric heating pad. Far Infrared rays penetrate deeply into your soft tissue, increasing your core temperature from the outside in, creating profound pain relief naturally.
[Sciatica Pain Relief] Simply sit on our Far Infrared heat pad at higher temperatures for sciatica pain relief. Far Infrared Rays encourage circulation, offering oxygen to injured tissue, elevating you to a new plateau of pain freedom. Plus it's more portable then an infrared sauna :)
[Stop Suffering - Get effective, natural relief and relaxation] Consistent use of our Far infrared Heating Pad therapy will help keep inflammation at bay. Mat reaches 158 F internally with up to 6 inches of penetration, detoxifying while soothing many painful maladies.
[Designed with Comfort in Mind] Our 31 x 20 flexible mat allows you to treat your entire back with deep penetrating far infrared heat to relieve your pain. Place on your stomach, hip, leg, arm or shoulder. It also relieves pain from stiffness, cramps, arthritis, sciatica, etc. It has auto shut off 1, 4, 8 or 12 hrs