TEMPO DISC Bluetooth wireless thermometer sensor beacon and data logger. Remote monitor for temperature. For iOS and Android.

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WIRELESS AND ACCURATE: Bluetooth Low Energy remote thermometer sensor beacon and data logger with factory calibrated sensor for high accuracy.
LOGS, TIMESTAMPS AND PROVIDES STATISTICS: Records 20,000 temperature points at user defined intervals that are quickly and conveniently downloaded by a smartphone. Provides statistics such as highs, lows and averages for temperature.
PLACE IT ANYWHERE: Small, light and battery powered allowing it to be placed almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Ideal for refrigerators, freezers, reptiles, collectibles, cigars, greenhouse, laboratories, instruments and more.
SIMPLE TO USE: Tempo Disc is automatically detected by the apps for iOS and Android. No pairing or other set up required.
TONS OF FEATURES: Easily configurable settings, such as units (i.e., Celsius or Fahrenheit), date and time, name, logging interval, sensor interval, alarms, calibration, transmission strength, airplane mode, etc.


The remote wireless monitoring and data logging of temperature is vital for many domestic and commercial applications. Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4 and above) is an effective technology for achieving this allowing you to monitor and log temperature with the convenience and simplicity of your iOS or Android smartphone.

There are multiple uses for this wireless thermometer sensor beacon and data logger including homes, rental properties, commercial properties, warehouses, refrigerators, freezers, laboratories, cold chain, transportation, reptiles, animal welfare, pets, musical instruments, wine collections, greenhouses and much much more.

Tempo Disc is powerful and accurate and can be configured for your every need. It is able to be used indoors or outdoors and so can used as a small wireless remote weather station. Please note if leaving Tempo Disc outside it is placed somewhere sheltered from the rain and is not left in standing water.

It measures temperature from -4 to +167 Fahrenheit or -20 to +75 Celsius with a maximum accuracy of 0.72 Fahrenheit or 0.4 Celsius. It has a factory calibrated sensor from Sensor Labs (SI7020) and further details on the sensor can be found on the Sensor Labs website.

It has a range of 225 feet or 75 meters line of sight and a battery that lasts in excess of 1 year. It is powered by a CR2032 coin cell (included) that is easily changed. When operating indoors or where there is a lot of metal about, the range can be affected. Also just be aware if Tempo Disc is operated in temperatures below zero for prolonged periods this can have an impact on the life of the battery.

Tempo Disc provides a time and date stamped record of temperature that can be quickly and easily downloaded with iOS and Android smartphones.

The device is compatible with iOS 7 and above and Android 5 and above.