Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick - The Long One 22 Inches - Massage Therapy on the Go - Relieve Sore Muscles - Foam Roller Prevent Injury, Speed Recovery, Improve Mobility - Massage Therapy Tool

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Relieve pain and sore muscles fast. The Tiger Tail foam roller helps warm up muscles before exercise. Helps with dynamic stretching and lengthening muscles to help improve flexibility. Helps prevent muscles knots. Helps speed recovery and post workout tightness. Muscle rolling after exercise helps prevent aches, soreness and discomfort and helps minimize the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
Superior, smooth, sturdy roll makes a difference. The original Tiger Tail portable foam roller features a uniform, single massage surface. This tool is firm enough to help you really "dig in" to your muscles but is cushioned enough to work even the super tender muscle knots causing shin splints. No hard cold plastic, metal or wood. No spindles, balls, beads or gaps. No pinched skin.
Easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth or anti-bacterial cloth and wipe down the surfaces.
Used by pro athletes (and their trainers) around the world. Tiger Tail massage tools can be found in nearly every major professional sports training room in the United States. Tiger Tail massage tools are Trusted by Million Dollar Muscles.
All Authentic Tiger Tail products are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Manufacturer's Seal of Approval.


Tiger Tail USA Has Really Found The Answer To All Of Your Questions About Muscle Rolling! Turn sore muscles into happy muscles - fast! Every person deals with some degree of muscle soreness - even if it's just from doing yard work or sitting in a chair. This is what makes The Original Tiger Tail such a great personal wellness tool. It was created for both the couch potato, with achy muscles from inactivity, as well as the most active person on the block. Tiger Tail massage tools provide relief to your muscles and in turn improve your overall well-being. If you're wondering how to choose between the 18" and the 22", the only difference in construction is length. The 22" offers four more inches of massage surface. The 18" offers 10" of massage surface while the 22" offers 14" of massage surface. Each handle is 4 inches long. The 22" is best for buddy massage and back massage and for people who are less flexible or larger in size. It works well for personal use but the extra length does make it easier for using on someone else. The 18" is our best-selling size and works great for personal massage. The shorter length makes it just a little bit easier to pack into small bags. Key Features and Benefits -Muscle friendly, easy-to-use massage tool -Consistent distribution of pressure -Smooth, spinning surface rolls and glides over muscles -Saves thumbs, fingers and hands from fatigue -Useful for hard-to-reach muscle knots -Exclusive Tiger Tail Gription (deep grip and friction on fascia and muscles) to bust out knots fast and speed recovery -Extra durable foam is closed-cell, non-porous, zero rubber/ latex, non-deteriorating, non-absorbing -Easy to clean with antibacterial gel/spray/wipes or soap and water -Portable, easy-pack design -Non-slip, comfortable, ergonomic grips -Made in USA Tiger Tail USA is the pioneer in muscle recovery using portable foam rolling techniques.