LorAnn Super Strength Fruity Flavors in 1 dram bottles (.0125 fl oz - 3.7ml), Watermelon, Grape, Cherry, and Strawberry

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For hard candy, frosting, cookies, Chocolates, and all your baking needs
Pak contains 4- 1 dram bottles, Cherry, grape, strawberry & watermelon
Contains four 1-dram bottles of super strength candy oils on a hangable blister card
Free recipe booklet inside!
Made in use


These concentrated flavoring oils have been an integral part of American candy making for years, for professional and home cooking. Let the intense flavor of these oils & flavorings put extra pizzazz in your next recipe. The flavorings are highly concentrated and unsweetened. Don't let the tiny 1-dram (0.125 Fl. oz or 1 tsp) bottle fool you. A very small amount is packed with flavor and aroma & is generally 3-4 times stronger than extracts (extracts are diluted by significant amounts of alcohol &/or water). Lorann oils can be used for a variety of flavoring applications - including hard candy, suckers, frostings, chocolates & many specialty confections. Can also be used in cosmetic applications such as lip balms.