The Atomic Bear Kit of 11 Attachments for 1 Webbing Molle Bags, Tactical Backpack, Tactical Vest 4 Grimlock Locking D-Ring Carabiner Clips 4 Molle Elastic Strings 2 Straps 4 MOD Tac Tie

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COMPREHENSIVE KIT - This kit combines the best accessories for your tactical gear and molle webbing bags. Each item is selected for: durability, speed to open/close, can be use in dirt and sand, low IR signature. Sturdy nylon and non-rusty metal.
D-RING - Lightweight, break away feature for safety, corrosion resistant spring. Quick to install. The formed hook supports 25 lbs on your molle bag. Closes with an easy snap. Quick release. Stays safely closed.
MOLLE WEB ELASTIC STRING - Resistant and easy to install. Designed to tie together hanging straps, secure hydration tube, fasten objects on your molle webbing, keep your gear organized and tight.
ATTACHMENT STRAPS - Attach modular web accessories. Perfect to assemble modular molle webbing, attach to a belt. Safe snap.
KEYCHAIN - Perfect ring holder for your belt, your molle bag, etc. Combines Velcro and pressure button to secure the holder to your belt. Safe and quick release clip.


Molle attachment accessories with 11 pieces: 4 elastic, 4 D-Ring, 2 molle connectors, 1 belt and molle key clip.