Game Boy Clear Plastic Box Protector - 25 Pieces for Sleeve Storage Box Video Game Display Cart Case Crystal Clear Scratch Resistant

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SAFEGUARD YOUR COLLECTION - You've got an amazing collection of the best NES video games ever made ranging from Mario Party to Super Smash Bros; our cases help ensure you can play them for life.
PROTECT BOX - Nintendo games for the GBA aren't like digital downloads of today's Xbox One or PS4. Our clear plastic cases protect cartridges from dust, dirt, moisture, and even younger gamers in the house.
CLEAR ORGANIZATION - We made our scratch-resistant cases clear so it's easier to read labels when they're organized neatly on a shelf. And because they're a durable, square, form-fitting design, they can be safely stacked for quick access.
SUSTAIN VALUE - They'll never again make cartridge games like they did with the original Nintendo NES, which means the games that exist today are they last there will ever be. Our cases help you sustain the value of these treasures forever.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Just like you, we're gamers who love protecting our investments. However, if you aren't completely satisfied with our video game box protectors, return them within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.


Protect your vintage and retro Nintendo Game Boy box video games with transparent, durable covers from Mario Retro.

The Nintendo Game Boy was one of the most memorable video game consoles in the history of gaming. It features epic games like Mario 64, Golden Eyes, Mario Party, Zelda Ocarina's of Time, zelda ocarina of time and Conker Bad Fur Day; and owning one today means you still value those unforgettable titles. As such, it's important to protect them for years to come with Mario Retro Nintendo N64 or SNES Box Protectors.

Clear, Durable Value

The truth is that they'll never again make Nintendo NES cartridges. That's why you should protect your investment from drops, scratches, moisture, fading and dust with our premium-grade transparent plastic covers. With a precision-cut fit that helps you organize and show off your retro video game collection, you'll help them maintain their value and keep them working for a lifetime.

Product Details:

  • Thicker PET Plastic (0.3mm)
  • Transparent for Easy Organization
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Helps Repel Dust, Dirt and Moisture
  • 25 Video Game Protectors per Order
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Click 'Add to Cart' now to start protecting your vintage collection of SNES, N64 or Jaguar games from dust, dirt, scratches, rust and fading.