Power Rangers Ninja Steel Swirl Value Pack, Party Favor

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12 swirl decorations
6 swirls, 3 swirls w/ cutouts: 7" and 3 swirls w/ cutouts: 5"
Let your guests see the action on images of "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" hanging in swirls
Exhibit these decorations for parties, festivals, events and other fun occasions


Set the scene for action-packed adventure with Power Rangers Ninja Steel swirl decorations! Bright and colorful designs feature images of Red, Pink, White, Blue and Yellow Rangers on larger cardboard cutouts, emblems on the smaller cutouts and shiny gold, red, silver and blue foil swirls. Kit provides up to 36 ft. of decorating and contains 6 foil swirl decorations, 3 foil swirl decorations with 7-in. cutouts and 3 foil swirl decorations with 5-in. cutouts. Perfect for creating a party atmosphere that's out of this world!.