Back Support Seat Cushion Set - Memory Foam With Orthopedic Design To Relieve Coccyx, Sciatica And Tailbone Pain From Prolonged Sitting In The Car, Office Or Kitchen Chairs - Mesh Breathable Material

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TREAT YOURSELF TO QUALITY AND FORGET OTHERS - At Bod Support , we focus on quality of materials and we're proud to offer you a set designed to support your back and relive pressure. Bundle that has been tested for durability and effectiveness. Enjoy our pillow's soft exterior and nonslip gel rubber bottom.
PRACTICAL DESIGN - Smart solution for a car, truck and bus driver. Feel premium comfort at your desk, office and kitchen chairs at home or at work. Suitable for wheelchair, plane, recliner, couch and stadium seats ! It's portable and small size orthopedic memory foam seat cushion and mesh back support pillow allows you to find extra bliss when you travel.
HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Helps preventing injury and relieving symptoms of: Spine Pain, Numbness, Lower Back, Lumbar, Tailbone, Bariatric coccyx, Hip or Sciatic Nerve Pain, Ischial tuberosity, Sciatica, Arthritis, Backaches, Hemeroid, Sores other health problems and discomfort.
PREMIUM QUALITY MEMORY FOAM - pure without any additives. Made from high performance foam as recommended by world's leading memory foam producers. Relax your muscles all while correcting your bad posture and relieving leg discomfort. Comforts while driving or sitting for extended periods, boosting your therapeutic benefit all while maintaining its density. Cover is machine washable.


Introducing The Easiest Way To Undo The Damage Of Sitting

If you're like most men and women in our techno-service economy, you're probably working a lot, whereas your butt isn't working at all.

You're worried about the posture problems associated with your insanely long hours of sitting, right?

And you feel that the toll on your back health increases while you're sitting hunched in front of your screen.

I can see you nodding!

Then, what the heck are you waiting for?

Take Action And Order Our, Orthopedically Designed, Low Back & Lumbar Support Cushions TODAY

Our memory foam pillow seat is carefully constructed to relieve hip, tailbone, and lower back pressure. It has the just right level of softness to provide comfort at the hardest surfaces, without slipping around.

Our BONUS mesh low-back support cushion corrects posture and helps with your sciatic nerve pain, arthritis or scoliosis.

This set of powerful mesh lumbar support & memory foam cushion seat makes you feel so much HEALTHIER and ACTIVE you have to try them to believe it!

Not Convinced Yet? Here Are Some More Reasons For Choosing BOD SUPPORT Support Tools:

They're lightweight, compact and easy to carry.
They're compatible with any kind of seat.
They're machine washable and easy to clean.
They come with a guarantee.

There Are Big Shortages In The Supply Chain, So Once This Batch Is Sold Out The Price Will Increase.

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