Toddler Harness Walking Leash Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist Link for Toddlers, Babies & Kids(Orange)

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Easy to use: All you need to do is connect the wristbands to adult's and kids' hands respectively. The shrinking chain can extend up to 1.5 meters and the wrist strap circumference of kids hand side (the smaller side) can be adjusted up to 14 CM.
Versatile And Durable - These child harnesses come with 360 degree rotating connectors, which will protect toddlers' wrists from erratic movements. The child safety harness comes with a solid retractable steel cord covered with a smooth durable plastic. It can not be cut without specialized tools.
Comfortable Wristband - Soft padded wrist strap made of polyster and cotton guarantees a highest comfort level for your children at a sudden tug. Protect your child's and your wrist respectively.
Anti-Lost: Only used to prevent children from losing when they go out, but do not prevent children from falling down and can't be used as a walking training equipment. Suggest for children aged 4 and over.


If you're a parent, the fear of your little one running away once you've turned your head away and getting lost is very, very real. We understand the stress that it brings, and that's why we've designed the Child Anti-Lost Wrist Link to give you the ultimate peace of mind.
With adjustable straps, secure double-velcro that your little one won't be able to remove on their own, and sturdiness that lasts through the tug wars and outbursts of energy, this wrist link is a cut above the rest, and is the must-have when bringing your young one out to crowded places, mall and park.

1:Made with durable and lightweight PU. The connecting rope is wired with stainless steel that prevent flimsiness and breakage. The soft double-layered Velcro is not easily taken off by kids.
2:The soft sponge pad in the wrist strap makes it comfortable to wear for both adults and kids.
3:Elastic harness to give your child freedom in mobility, while making sure that they will always be safe and within reach.
4:Can be extended to up to 6.1ft
5:Great for outdoor use (e.g. square, park, supermarket and airport)
6:Recommended for children aged 2 and above.

This is not a toy. Children should not use it alone. This item is not a walking or training aid. Avoid strong tugs while connected to your child