BuzzyWatch - Potty Watch & Activity Tracker (Orange)

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Potty Watch (easily set silent vibrating alarms)
Activity Tracker (pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor)
Free iOS & Android app download!


BuzzyWatch activity tracker and 21st century potty watch was designed to easily track steps, automatically measure sleep quality, and effortlessly set multiple vibrating reminders.

~ Wristband designed to fit small children & large adults!
~ Perfect for the active child working hard to end wetting accidents through the use of a timed voiding schedule!
~ Perfect for medication reminders for adults, teens, or children!

~ easily set , 1, 2, or 3-hour intervals for silent vibrating alarms/reminders
~ activity tracker (pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor)
~ sedentary alarm (activated if no movement for specified amount of time)
~ anti-loss alert (if activated, tracker vibrates when greater than 30' from connected smartphone/device)
~ call alert (if activated, tracker vibrates when connected smartphone receives a call)
~ BONUS: set up to 5 additional silent vibrating alarms (in addition to scheduled interval alarms described above)

What's in the box?
~ tracker device
~ silicone wristband
~ USB charging cable
~ gift box
~ QR code for free iOS & Android app

~ Additionally, buyers will be able to access BuzzyHealth's website with additional BuzzyWatch related resources & quick start guides!