ETA hand2mind Guided Math by Reagan Tunstall, Grade 1 - Small Group Manipulative Kit

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Save time and money by purchasing the manipulatives you need all at once
Get started right away on small and whole group unit lessons
Conveniently packed in a single sturdy storage bin
Includes all of the manipulatives needed for the 1st Grade Guided Math units
Manipulatives include base ten units, flats, and rods, linking cubes, counters, tiles, dice, chips, clocks, coins, and more


The Guided Math 1st Grade Kit includes all the hands-on materials students need to complete the whole group and small group lessons in the Kindergarten Guided Math Unit Bundle.

Manipulatives for students working in pairs or as a small groups of four to six
Storage tote to easily manage materials

Foam 10 Base Ten Flats
50 Foam Base Ten Rods
100 Foam Base Ten Units
100 Snap Cubes
100 Unilink Cubes
72 Bug Counters
100 Baby Bear Counters
72 Frog Counters
250 Foam Pattern Blocks
12 Foam Geosolids
200 Foam Color Tiles
6 Foam Dot Dice
200 Bean Counters
1 16-Bean Soup Mix
200 Counting Chips
200 Foam Two-Color Counters
5 Blank Spinners
6 Geared Clocks
288 Coins in a Bag
100 Craft Sticks