Gardner Denver & Roots Blower Oil, ISO 320, Case of 12 QTS (Replacement)

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Fully Synthetic Premium Oil - ISO 320
Superior Protection
Specially Formulated For PD Blowers and Industrial Equipment
Case of 12 Qts - Other sizes available


ESP 320 Oil is fully synthetic premium oil that has been formulated for positive displacement blowers. These oils are designed to provide proper lubrication under hydrodynamic and mild boundary lubrication conditions. ESP 320 meets or exceeds the specification requirements for all of the major manufacturers of positive displacement blowers and are compatible with most commonly used seal materials. ESP 320 ISO Blower Oil Technical info: Viscosity @ 40C,cSt = 311.3, Viscosity @ 100C,cSt = 29.57, Viscosity Index = 130, Flash Point C/F = 270/518, Pour Point C/F = -33/-27, Copper Corrosion = 1B, Evaporation % = <1%, Specific Gravity = .88