USB Endoscope, Teslong 2018 New 720P Upgrade 5.5mm Mini Inspection Camera Semi-rigid Waterproof Snake Camera Borescope with USB Adpater and 6 Adjustable LED Lights(5m/16.4ft)

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Teslong is the pioneer to improve the diameter of probe camera as small as 5.5mm(0.21 inch), this one is another new milestone, raising the image quality of a 5.5mm probe to a true 720P, making your vision clearer
Semi-rigid Waterproof Probe: Increased semi-rigid structure that can bend and hold its shape and is no longer as flexible as a wet noodle, making it easier to inspect the hard to reach target
Compatible with Android phone which has the OTG function, view real-time images via mobile phone. With a USB adapter and a Type-C adapter, also supports PC, Mac and the new Android Type-C phone
We optimized camera sensor chip, with 6 adjustable brightness LED lights, the lighting effect is much better, so that it can shoot in the weak light source shooting a clearer picture
For Teslong, every product has a 12 month warranty and unconditionally return or replacement. Feel free to contact us if there's any question about the item


NOT support iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone!
If you did not see this notice at the time of purchase and find it unworkable after receiving this product, don't worry, you can apply for returning the product at any time. Or you can contact us and we will help you as possible as we can.

For Android devices(Android 4.5+):
Please confirm your Android Device has the function of OTG and UVC.
How to Check OTG? You can install a free app "USB OTG Checker"which provides a simple method to check.

You can download these APPs from Google Play Store:
[Teslong camera]-Developed by Teslong, the image is more clearly
[CameraFi]-Third party general software, the compatibility is more stronger

For MacBook(Mac OSX 10.6+):
Please run the Mac's own software:[Photo Booth] or [Quick TimePlayer]
Attention: Please choose the device-[Teslong Camera] in the settings, otherwise it will open the computer camera.

For Windows PC(Windows 7/8/10):
Three softwares are avaiable:
[Teslong camera]-Developed by Teslong, the image is more clearly
[Windows Camera]-The built-in Camera software of Windows10, only for Win10. Search [Camera] in Windows to find it.
[Amcap]-Third party general software, can be downloaded online

Sensor: 1.0 Megapixel
Resolution: 1280x720 Pixels
Focal Length: 30-60mm
Light: 6 Brightness Adjustable LEDs
Interface: Micro-USB