TWING Black Velvet Hovering T-Bar Bracelet Holder Necklace Jewelry Display Stand for Home Organization 1 Pack

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DIMENSION:Measuring at 6 inches tall x 9 inches at the widest point.Perfect size for an average bracelet.
KEEP NEAT:The black bracelet holder stand can help to store your jewelry,and they are easily accessible.
APPLICATION OCCASION : This bracelet not only can be used in showing off your watches, bracelets, and necklaces,and it could also be used for those selling jewelry as an display
JEWELRY PROTECTION: Soft black velvet will protect your jewelry from any kind of damage or abrasion
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Order your bracelet holder now because you literally RISK NOTHING. No questions asked! 100% Money Back Guarantee when you purchase today!


Crafted from beautiful black velvet that is soft to the touch and will protect your jewelry from any kind of damage or abrasion. Made from wood with weight on the base instead to prevent tipping over after hanging jewelry. Its short build helps you have many of them side by side for displaying an array of merchandise.
Featuring a smooth black velvet material lining, this T-Bar jewelry display is perfect for showing off your watches, bracelets, and necklaces. Constructed with a thick 1-tier top rod and a thin vertical stand and sturdy rectangle base.
The black velvet surface helps you see products clearly in contrast againts bright colored jewelry. Highlights and organizes your most treasured jewelry accessories. A black velvet jewelry rack helps you stay organized without taking up much space on your counter top or dresser drawer.
Makes a practical and essential business item for retail stores, jewelry and watch retailers. Attractive and sleek appearance suited for jewelry shop window displays. The jewelry display is great for personal use at home and glass counter tops in stores or trade shows.