15 Colors Liquid Soap Dye Kit Food Grade Skin Safe (5.3 OZ), Vegan, Gluten-Free - Liquid Bath Bombs Colorant Set Best Soap Making Supplies (Red Black Pink Brown Lavender Lemon Yellow etc.)

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NATURE'S COLORS: Blends quickly and easily. Our natural colorizing dye may be used individually, blended to create custom colors, or to create exciting layered effects.
FOOD GRADE AND SKIN SAFE: Free from Toxins and harsh chemicals. Can be used to color homemade clay dough and Slime with kids.
VIBRANT COLOR: 15 bottles beautiful colors. We also adjusted the formula and the concentration for this batch so you can enjoy our quality soap making set for longer period of time.
WATER AND OIL SOLUBLE:Can be used with silicon molds for bath bomb, or other materials like plastic, steel, or metal bath bomb mold.
100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE- Hand inspected and packaged in the USA. You will love the pampering diy homemade crafting and bathing experience. We stand the quality behind our products.


Product description
Size:0.35 oz * 15 bottles
15 Soap Dyes give you a variety of colors to choose from. You can layer them for even more beautiful soaps and bath bombs.
Soaps and bath bombs will not stain your skin when you use these colors
Colors include Purple, Brown, Pink, Black, Cornflower Blue, Fruit, Green, Lemon Yellow, Orange Red, Blackish Green, Coral Red, Red, Sunset Yellow, Bluish, Green, Lavender, Olive

Jazz up your soap creations with a little liquid color. A few drops will transform your soap from blah to beautiful.

With this large variety of colorants, you will never run out of fresh ideas for your beautiful soaps.

These colors will work for bath bombs but you will have better results when using them with soaps.