Etbotu DIY Crystal Special Color Concentrate,Epoxy Resin Crystal Drops,Hand Making Material, for Candle Making,10 Colors

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[Composition]The epoxy resin crystal drops are composed of high purity epoxy resin, curing agent and other modification.
[Feature]Its curing products have the characteristics of water resistance, anti chemical corrosion and crystal clear.
[Advantage]The color essence can make better ink rendering effect, and is more transparent than color paste.
[Notice]Color essence is with no white color. If you must use white, please choose white color paste, which can mix with color essence and achieve ideal effect.




Item type: Color Concentrate

Color: Pink, yellow, lemon yellow, sapphire blue, red, black, green, sky blue, purple, brown

Form: Liquid

Weight: 10g / bottle

Suitable for: Coloring of crystal, jewelry, handicrafts productions.


--High concentration

--Bright colors

--Good color transparency

Package Include:

10 bottles of color concentrate with different colors


Strong dyeing effect, it is recommended to wear silicone gloves while using the product.

Please allow slight color deviation due to different setting of computer monitor/cellphone, thank you.