Alumilite Colorant Single Color Liquid Pigment Dye Blue

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Color - Blue
Size 1 Ounce
Only a few drops needed
Works with clear or opaque resin
Squeeze bottle to control amount


Have it your way! This versatile liquid pigment can be translucent or opaque--depending on the resin you use it with. Alumilite Colorants are transparent when used with clear resin and opaque when used with white resin. Of course you can custom color by varying amount used or by using in combination with other Alumilite dyes. This pigment is designed for use with Alumilite resins. We cannot assure quality results with other brands of resin. This Blue Alumilite Liquid Pigment comes in a 1 ounce bottle. Bottles are purposely not filled to the top to allow room for expansion during flight.