Organic French Green Lentils by Food to Live (Whole Dry Beans, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Sproutable, Bulk) 10 Pounds

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PROTEIN-RICH PLANT FOOD: A cup of lentils has 18g of easily digestible protein & the same amount of fiber.
GLUTEN-FREE ORGANIC PRODUCT: Food To Live Organic Lentils are non-GMO and free of gluten and toxins.
LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX FOOD: Lentils don't cause sudden sugar spikes as they have a very low glycemic index.
EASY TO COOK: Organic Lentils don't require soaking and you can cook them in 30 minutes or less.
DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: Our Organic Lentils are rich in iron, B vitamins, zinc, and other minerals.


What Are Lentils? Lentils are a type of legume native to Central Asia. Their seeds are shaped as tiny lenses and come in a variety of colors. Today they are cultivated in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Australia, and Canada. Archeologists have found some evidence that indicates our ancestors have been consuming lentils over 13000 years ago. It's not surprising as this legume is extremely nutritious, rich in protein, and very easy to cook. Food To Live helps bring premium-quality Organic Lentils to everyone's home. We offer our products in bulk so that you can enjoy them longer. Types of Lentils: How Are They Different? There are many types of lentils cultivated today. The most popular of them are: Beluga lentils (small and black) Red lentils Puy lentils (blue-gray) French lentils (green) Yellow lentils Masoor lentils (brown and yellow inside) The nutritional value of lentils remains almost the same regardless of their type, so the only real differences between them are flavors. Note that colors also indicate how well the legume will keep shape when cooked. Red lentils have a sweet nutty tang to them and don't hold shape at all. Brown lentils are milder to the taste and hold their shape well. Green lentils take a bit longer to cook and retain their firm texture. They are very good for salads. Remember that lentil chips or split lentils cook very fast and generally don't hold their shape regardless of type. Organic Dry Lentils: Nutrition Benefits Legumes are packed with nutrients by default, but lentils stand out even among this extraordinary food group because of their high levels of: B vitamins Phosphorus Zinc Potassium Iron All these vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining your general wellbeing and must be included in your everyday meals. Eating of lentils a day will help you meet the nutritional requirements of a healthy diet.